Neuro Graphics


The Art of Positive Change

Guruv Lake Mary • August 13th • 4:00 – 6:00pm
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Neuro — TransFormation is a method that works with the unconscious, removing restrictions and creating new neural connections!
You will learn about the miracle of NeuroGraphics, about how to make money on this method, about how to create opportunities, improve the quality of life. That is a scientific method for transforming life through drawing. We easily draw the changes we want, create real magic of transformation on a sheet of paper with the help of markers and pencils!

HOWEVER it is NOT Art therapy, it is a scientifically proven method that works much faster and more efficiently than conventional psychology! It was created by a DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCES!

And her advantages are undeniable:

✅ Ability to work independently
✅ Speed ​​and efficiency many times higher
✅ Aesthetics and beauty of the method

Through NeuroGraphics, we enter an area hidden from us. We open new doors for ourselves. Work with grievances, build relationships with yourself and with the world.

We wish that as many people as possible learn about this method and be happy and healthy physical and emotionally.