Sound Healing

Imane El Ghazouani

Sound Healing Bath

Guruv Lake Mary • September 24 • 4:00 – 6:00pm
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In this session, you will be surrounded with sounds from crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, rain sticks, drums, and more.

Experience the healing power of your body’s relaxation response while being completely immersed in sound and vibration. During deep rest, brain waves slow down to provide your body with the healing state it needs, and opens your mind to creative ideas and solutions.

We’ll begin by setting collective and individual intentions, followed by a short meditation to prepare your body for deep rest and sound immersion. At the end of the sound bath, we’ll take 15 minutes to journal our thoughts and ideas. If you’re writing a book, working on a project, or making a decision, this will be a great way for you to open your mind to subconscious solutions.

Things to bring:
– Yoga mat
– Favorite blanket
– Pillow
– Journal
– Pen
– Water (Please hydrate throughout the day before and after the session).